More Treasure Coast and Palm Beach Real Estate Photography (Palm City, Stuart, Jupiter)

There are several ways to shoot an interior...HDR (blending multiple exposures in some sort of software program), all ambient, basic flash and composite images (2-3 exposures...1-2 for inside and one for the exterior then blended in PS). I prefer this last method. HDR is going to be the closest thing to this however, HDR software, even when used carefully, tends to make the whites look gray and dirty and in order to get a really balanced image with interior and exterior it's very hard not to make it look 'gritty'. 

Now the challenges with shooting composite images (like the one below) is working around the details where the two images the birds and plants in this image. As careful as I was working around these details, I'm still not thrilled in how it turned out. The realtor is happy and I'm sure it will look fine on the MLS but if I were to do this one over, I would take the time to remove those decorative items -mainly to make my job easier in post. Never the less, you get the overall effect.