Looking to get started in modeling? Start with a photoshoot to build the right portfolio to get you noticed

Located in Stuart Florida on the Treasure Coast, we shoot for all the model agencies in South Florida including Next Model Management, Wilhelmina Models, Elite Models etc. and have helped hundreds of models build their portfolios and coached them on best steps to getting signed to an agency. We also shoot updated portfolios for those already signed and looking to update their portfolios.

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canon vs. sony | why I'm sticking with canon

I had read so many reviews and watched videos raving about the Sony A7RII, about the amazing focus accuracy, killer low light performance, and of course that Eye AF. So when it arrived at 3pm I took it right out to my scheduled shoot that day with a model from Next Models Miami. With all those amazing reviews you can image my surprise to be, well...very underwhelmed. Now as a Canon user since I started in photography, I knew there would be a little learning curve (I do have the Sony RX100 III as well so maybe not a huge learning curve but some just the same). Even with that I knew how to set it up for best results and I just wasn't impressed with the results. The focus  detection, face detection etc. was solid but somehow I still had missed/out of focus shots (which I never have on the Canon using center point focus)....maybe that was something I just needed time to get used to. But then there was the main thing....the color is just...yuk. Especially skin tones. Here's the thing....the colors with a Canon are just beautiful straight out of the camera. Doesn't really matter what lens you use but with the 70-200mm or a prime like the 135mm, 200mm etc. are just amazing...skin tones are soft and perfect...greens pop etc. The sony colors were just blah...and I tried the different settings to no avail. So frustrating and so disappointing. I came home after the shoot...googled something about Sony colors in the A series cameras and wow...quite of bit of discussion from others complaining about the same issue and all sorts of sony fans with their ways to fix it in post. Hmm...truth is, it is much harder and much more work to try and add good coloring in post than it is to have great color straight out of the camera and desaturated in post if that's the look you're going for. I'm not looking for anything that makes me work harder. If I'm going to pay $3000 for the A7RII and an FE 85mm 1.8 and make the switch, it has to, in the very least be as good as my 6D and my 70-200mm 2.8 AND have a couple bells and whistles that my Canon doesn't have. For me, this was not the case. My Canon set up blew the doors off the Sony (at least in my every day outdoor, fashion work environment). Maybe the low light ability or tracking focus was better but those weren't the reasons I was thinking of switching. So, with a disappointed and heavy heart, I packed it up, filled out the return info and took the whole package off to UPS. That's my little story of 1 day with the Sony A7RII and why I am sticking with Canon. You'll have to decide on your own for your work environment, taste etc. but for me it just doesn't come close to a Canon full frame and some beautiful Canon glass.



Fashion editorial shoot with HSS (high speed sync) using a variable ND filter and a single speed light

Strobist set up...single speed light in a flash disc on a stand using HSS (high speed sync) and a variable ND filter 

Shot by Kaunis Hetki, Fashion photographer serving Stuart, Jupiter, Palm Beach, Vero, Orlando, Miami, Boca, Naples

Neewer 24"x24 collapsible softbox test

For years I've used a 22" beauty dish for most of my fashion work and while I love the light, it's a little heavy, somewhat cumbersome etc. So I picked up this Neewer 24"x24" collapsible softbox. I love it...super easy to set up and love the light. Here are some samples from a test shoot


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affordable and basic portrait lighting

Earlier in my career as a photographer I remember trying to find out what kind of lighting and modifiers the pros were using for their studio shots. Of course I would see moonlights, huge brolly umbrellas, soft boxes etc. So...it took awhile but of course, as soon as I had enough money I ran out and bought myself some of the same gear. So there I was with my monolights, my beauty dish,  softbox and my backdrop and ready for the wow factor that just never came. What did, was a greatly increased set up time, an assistant to help set everything up and an SUV to haul it all around. Well, not quite but almost. What happened in the course of my journey was that I guess I got pretty good with a little cheap speed light. So when finally invested in a 'better' brush, it didn't really matter because I knew what to do and how to do it with the small cheap one I had been using all along. There is something to be said about this cheap and easy set up of a speed light and simple light modifier....it's light, quick to set up and cheap (when it falls over on the concrete or in the water...as lighting tends to do...it's $80 to pick up another not $1500). For me, one of the best parts is that I don't have to go in a studio to shoot the headshots....I can do it on location while shooting the rest of the portfolio. All I need is a white wall in the shade. Might have to add 2 more to my Santa wish list as stocking stuffers. Below are 2 examples and a BTS shot using a Yongnuo 560 III and an Fstoppers FlashDisc. 


editorial session with a triumph bonneville t100 (fashion/editorial/commercial photography serving stuart, palm city, jupiter, vero and palm beach)

Just bought a new Triumph Bonneville T100 and of course couldn't wait to include it in a shoot. So day one I happened to have a session scheduled with Samantha and decided to ride the bike to the shoot. As usual, nothing very complicated here....I just pulled over on the side of the road where the sun was coming through the woods and this is what we came up with......

South Florida Photography serving Stuart, Palm City, Jensen Beach, Jupiter, Palm Beach and Vero (editorial, fashion, senior, maternity, engagement photography)

Natural light portrait photography | Jupiter, Palm Beach, Wellington, Stuart, Palm City Photography

Natural light portraits...no speed lights, moonlights or even a reflector. Just a pretty girl in a head wreath in a field with the sun behind her. Shot with a Canon 6D and a Canon 70-200mm F/2.8L 

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