more with the mettle 600w and a phottix 27.5" collapsible beauty dish

Took the Mettle 600w mono light and the Phottix 27.5" beauty dish out for a fashion shoot at are some samples. The lights in the background are 560 III speed lights on low and bare...the main light here is the Mettle on about 1/8 into a socked Phottix beauty dish.

mettle mono light

A midsummer night's editorial

How to do a simple editorial with no team and basic gear

One model, one photographer, one hour MUA, no team. Strobist info: done with a single bare 430ex (no modifier). All 20 edits from this session done and back to client in 12 hours.

Shoots don't have to be complicated or have a whole team working on them to be great. I would MUCH rather work alone with a model and with simple gear....that said, there are some things that really are required. First, the right model for the shoot...and also one who knows how to come prepared with her makeup, hair and nails done. She also has to have access to the right this case, it was a Sue Wong dress, Versace scarf, Tory Burch handbag and Louboutin shoes

real estate photography natural light vs. strobes

Shooting real estate interiors and exteriors on a regular basis, I thought I'd post some work demonstrating natural light vs. strobes. For interior work, I always use strobes...and can't think of an exception where I haven't. Strobes or speed lights just give it that extra pop that draws your attention to the room. I usually only use a single YN 560 III wireless speed light to light up an area. The exception would be in the case of the photo displayed of a very large room where I used 3 (actually just one moved around 3 times) since this is a composite image made up of 4 images. The speed light was in the upstairs and then 3 spots in the downstairs...the 4th image was an underexposed shot just for the window. I merged all 4 images in photoshop to produce this final result.

As for the outside image....100% natural light with some shadows and highlights managed in LR. Had I done this one at night, I would have again done a composite image and moved my single speed light around the pool area to light up every little plant and detail.

interior real estate lighting
exterior natural light real estate

high fashion editorial in palm beach

The other night I had to shoot a band to get them some updated shots for their new tour and decided I'd try to squeeze in a short fashion shoot with a model I had been meaning to work with for a couple weeks. Turns out we only had a little fact, when I looked back at the time stamp on the photos, it was 18 minutes from first to last. I called her just an hour before so there was no planning at all....we didn't discuss makeup, outfits and neither of us had even been to the exact location before...we never even met before. Gia showed up and within 5 min after a quick hello and a pick of which dress we should use that she brought we were shooting. We started with a few natural light ones as the sun hit the horizon over the city across the water and then moved to a banyan tree for a one light set up (Yongnuo 560 III bare to camera right).
That's it...super quick and super simple. Hopefully we got some shots for her portfolio her agent will love to add.