Fashion editorial shoot with HSS (high speed sync) using a variable ND filter and a single speed light

Strobist set up...single speed light in a flash disc on a stand using HSS (high speed sync) and a variable ND filter 

Shot by Kaunis Hetki, Fashion photographer serving Stuart, Jupiter, Palm Beach, Vero, Orlando, Miami, Boca, Naples

more with the mettle 600w and a phottix 27.5" collapsible beauty dish

Took the Mettle 600w mono light and the Phottix 27.5" beauty dish out for a fashion shoot at are some samples. The lights in the background are 560 III speed lights on low and bare...the main light here is the Mettle on about 1/8 into a socked Phottix beauty dish.

mettle mono light

A midsummer night's editorial

How to do a simple editorial with no team and basic gear

One model, one photographer, one hour MUA, no team. Strobist info: done with a single bare 430ex (no modifier). All 20 edits from this session done and back to client in 12 hours.

Shoots don't have to be complicated or have a whole team working on them to be great. I would MUCH rather work alone with a model and with simple gear....that said, there are some things that really are required. First, the right model for the shoot...and also one who knows how to come prepared with her makeup, hair and nails done. She also has to have access to the right this case, it was a Sue Wong dress, Versace scarf, Tory Burch handbag and Louboutin shoes

miami skyline fashion shoot

I had meeting at Next Models in Miami in the morning and since it's a little bit of a drive, I decided I'd make the most of the day and book a couple models who lived in the area. It was around 1 when we started down on Lincoln Rd. and any good photographer knows this isn't the most ideal time to fact, it's horrible. The 3 of us met up and walked around Lincoln Rd for awhile before one of the models suggested a spot along the water in an industrial area. Since I wasn't happy with what I had been getting to that point, I decided that we might as well try...very glad we did. The area wasn't much to write home about...pretty abandoned except for some city workers and construction going on about 200 yards away. The gate was open to this area so we parked and started shooting with the bright sun still high in the sky. Suppose just an example of making the most of the conditions you have to work with in the light that is available. You can find the rest of the edits from this session on my FB page at