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real estate photography natural light vs. strobes

Shooting real estate interiors and exteriors on a regular basis, I thought I'd post some work demonstrating natural light vs. strobes. For interior work, I always use strobes...and can't think of an exception where I haven't. Strobes or speed lights just give it that extra pop that draws your attention to the room. I usually only use a single YN 560 III wireless speed light to light up an area. The exception would be in the case of the photo displayed of a very large room where I used 3 (actually just one moved around 3 times) since this is a composite image made up of 4 images. The speed light was in the upstairs and then 3 spots in the downstairs...the 4th image was an underexposed shot just for the window. I merged all 4 images in photoshop to produce this final result.

As for the outside image....100% natural light with some shadows and highlights managed in LR. Had I done this one at night, I would have again done a composite image and moved my single speed light around the pool area to light up every little plant and detail.

interior real estate lighting
exterior natural light real estate

landscape twilight with a single speed light

For this post I thought I'd share a little before and after shots and some behind the scene how to regarding real estate twilight lighting 

Equipment used: Canon 6D, Tokina 11-16mm F/2.8, a single bare Yongnuo 560 III wireless speed light and the EOS remote app. 

With the camera set on the tripod, I waited until just before the sunset and then started going around the pool area being sure to set off the flash/camera on all the different areas to make sure everything was lit (probably around 1/4 power). I brought all those shots into photoshop and completed the image by blending all 40 shots together into one image.

before image

before image

after image

after image